Are you planning on inviting your parents over to your place this summer? Exciting as it might be, all the paper work and safety issues involved in travelling long distances may overwhelm your ageing parents. Worry not. With just a little help from your side, this problem is not too hard to crack.

We share here a few important pointers to ensure that your parents have a safe and happy travelling experience when they visit you this time.

Planning and documentation:

Once the date of travel is resolved, start planning the trip’s itinerary and means of travel. Depending on the distance, choose a mode of transport and book tickets in advance. In case your parents have a medical issue, ensure in advance that the travel agency provides the necessary assistance. If your parents wish to travel outside the country, make sure that all the official documentation (such as passport, visa, etc) is verified and ready for the trip.

Special services:

Safety and comfort during transit form the most crucial part of the trip. Talk in advance with the airlines and request for a seating arrangement that is most convenient for your parents. Make sure that ample space is available for them to comfortably stretch their legs and that your parents’ seats are closest to the restrooms. Ask for human assistance to guide your parents whenever necessary. Ensure that the food they receive is nutritious and optimal for travel. If your parents need a wheelchair, talk with the airlines in advance, to arrange for one.


While packing, ensure that your parents carry only the stuff that is absolutely necessary. Do not pack all and sundry. Travelling light simplifies the travelling and makes it more enjoyable. Suggest your parents to not carry anything too heavy or too precious, to ensure comfort and safety. Pack clothes and accessories needed to keep them comfortable at their destination.  Remind them to carry ear plugs and eye masks to sleep well during travel. Always pack an extra pair of spectacles, in case the existing ones are broken or misplaced.

Also, make sure that they are dressed appropriately for the trip, the clothes they wear should keep them comfortable while on go.

Ensure that they carry a fully recharged mobile phone, and save numbers of all the people they can contact in case of an emergency.


Before the trip suggest your parents to get a full body check up, to ensure that they are travel-ready. Choose a health care centre in Hyderabad which offers elderly health care services, for expert guidance. While packing, do not forget to renew their prescriptions and to get their medical kits refilled. Make sure that you pack extra medicines in case of a delay during travel. Always remind them to carry their prescriptions and a note from the doctor, especially if they need to carry a lot of medicines.


While travelling, your parents are at a risk of falling down, hurting themselves or running out of medication. Get your parents a medical insurance to cover all their unexpected medical needs.

We leave you with the urge to stay prepared and mindful. Staying alert and prepared for the unexpected is the key to a safe travelling experience. That being said, we wish you a very memorable family reunion. It is in times like this that your parents’ hearts fill with pride and joy. Cherish every bit of it.