Do you know that as you grow older, your ability to retain and recollect information gets reduced? This is because, when you reach a certain age, your brain loses its ability to form fresh neural connections. Brain cells deteriorate and neural impulses are delayed. Brain shrinks in size and memory depletes as we grow older.

If you find yourself regularly misplacing objects, forgetting names and fumbling with words, then this article is for you. Though aging cannot be reversed or stopped, cultivating a few brain-stimulating habits not only sharpens your brain but also slows down the aging process. Let us learn about some such habits:

Learn a new language:

It has been proven scientifically that learning a new language improves brain’s cognitive performance. It triggers the multiplication of neurons and increases brain size. This is because learning a foreign language from scratch requires you to learn new sounds, spelling and grammar. It takes reading, writing and speaking practice to master these new skills. This forces your brain cells to form new connections and write over old ones, and results in improved cognitive functioning. As a bonus, you will also have learned a handy new skill.


Solve puzzles and crosswords:

Another fun way to keep your brain engaged is to play mind games like chess and scrabble. Solving puzzles like Sudoku and crossword also aids in brain engagement. The trick is to find interesting ways to keep the brain working.


Grow a garden:

Gardening is a wonderful way to engage your body, mind and soul at once. All the work that goes into seeding, watering, weeding and digging, keeps you active and alert. It is backed by scientific evidence that gardening lowers the risk of dementia by 36%. Spending time outdoors also improves your overall health and wellbeing.



Regularly meeting your friends and family is not only fun, but also aids in keeping your brain active. Volunteering to work for a charity, taking part in community activities, and taking a club membership, are all great ways of meeting new people and making new friends.



Research proves that reading books decreases the chances of getting dementia by nearly 50%. Reading everyday keeps your imagination active. It also stimulates different parts of your brain and keeps it healthy and young.



Physical exercise increases blood flow to the brain thereby shielding it from the effects of aging. Studies have proved that exercising regularly reduces your risk of heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Find a physical activity you love doing, such as walking, yoga, gardening, or aerobics, to put off the effects of ageing.



Writing regularly not only improves your creativity but also keeps your brain active. Draw from your life experiences and start writing a blog, journal or short stories. This not only improves your imagination and cognition, but is also a great way to treasure your thoughts for later generations to find.


The best way to sharpen any tool is to use it.

Remember that your brain is also like a tool which gets sharper with use. Find ways to engage yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Regularly taking part in these activities is the surest way to ward off aging. Here’s to a fuller and healthier life!